Private Debt Partners invests using a proven strategy to generate higher risk-adjusted returns in a low-interest environment while providing true portfolio diversification with reliable cash flows from long-term loans.

PDP has strict lending criteria that includes only providing senior secured debt, with customized loan structures and methodized financial covenants for high-quality, corporate borrowers that have:

  • Strong, reputable and well aligned management teams
  • Businesses with existing products and/or services that have a clearly defined competitive advantage
  • Demonstrated consistent historical cash flow and prospects of sustainable future cash flow
  • A favourable industry outlook
  • High standard ESG policies and procedures
Investment strategy


Private Debt Partners Senior Direct Lending Fund was established to provide investors with a diversified portfolio of high-quality, Canadian mid-market companies that have a track record of sustainable cash flow. The fund will be diversified by both industry and geography. PDP will structure loans that are senior secured on all assets of the borrower with carve outs for working capital facilities and equipment financing. Rates will be fixed over longer terms of up to ten years with amortization schedules that meet the borrowers use of capital and historic seasonality of cash flow. The fund is well positioned to support the growing needs of Canadian borrowers seeking $10 to $50 million of senior secured debt.

Investment strategy


Private Debt Partners Senior Opportunities Fund was created to meet the needs of Canadian mid-market companies in a market that has been historically underserved by traditional lenders. Companies that don’t meet rigid underwriting requirements of these lenders but show evidence of continued growth and sustainable cash flow will now have an option that is much more economically viable than current high yield and mezzanine lenders. PDP is hoping to fill the gap in the market providing loans in the 7% to 12% range with variable and fixed rate options. Our goal is to support high-quality Borrowers seeking $5 to $20 million of senior secured debt financing that will support their growth and future stability.