Private Debt Partners was born during a difficult time for our Country and this crisis will impact credit availability in the Canadian mid-market for years to come. Our firm is in the fortunate position to be singularly focused on putting new capital to work unencumbered by the harsh circumstances facing existing portfolios. We are providing capital to strong Canadian mid-market borrowers in targeted niches that are well positioned to face the market realities of the economic climate in 2020.

Our team of senior experts in the Canadian private debt alternative asset industry has launched Private Debt Partners, which specializes in lending institutional capital to high-quality Canadian mid-market businesses and is currently raising its $750 million Senior Secured Direct Lending Fund.

PDP is co-founded by Jeffrey Deacon, Greg Dimmer and Jean-Christophe Greck, who together bring 35 years of combined experience in loan origination, portfolio management, underwriting, and fundraising in Canada, and have directly originated over $1 billion in loans. PDP’s backers and Board of Directors include Chair Stephen Lister, Co-Founder of Imperial Capital, one of Canada’s most successful private equity buy-out firms, and Investment Committee Chair Thomas MacMillan, the former Chairman and CEO of CIBC Mellon.

About us

Private Debt Partners firm profile

Private Debt Partners (PDP) is singularly-focused on mid-market private debt lending opportunities across a wide variety of sectors. PDP originates and structures long-term, fixed interest rate, senior secured loans to high-quality companies with strong market positions, management teams and financial performance.

Our quality approach to lending, combined with our thorough due diligence and best-in-class monitoring enables us to deliver higher risk-adjusted returns and true portfolio diversification to leading pension funds and institutional investors.


Private Debt Partners is building Canada’s leading private debt company. Our vision is to serve an institutional investor base, with a secured loan portfolio lending to leading mid-market firms.

We want to be the trusted partner with expertise to deploy capital to maximize yield and minimize risk while generating reliable long-term returns. Our goal is to be the ‘better lender’ and the preferred source of private debt for high-quality mid-market companies.


  • A commitment to integrity, transparency and accountability
  • Full alignment with investors
  • Operational excellence providing exceptional service and reporting practices to investor partners
  • Value adding relationships with borrowers

Responsible Investing And ESG Policy

PDP maintains a fiduciary duty to act in the best long-term interests of our limited partners/investors. Consequently, PDP believes that Environmental, Social & Governance (“ESG”) issues play an integral role in the due diligence and evaluation of possible investments and subsequently, the performance of our investment portfolio. As a firm, our focus is centred on three pillars to practice responsible investing:

  • Incorporate ESG issues into our analysis and investment decision-making process
  • Seek appropriate disclosure on ESG issues by the borrower’s in which we invest
  • Ensure transparency and accountability with both investors and borrowers

As part of PDP’s responsible investing practice, the Company refrains from investing in borrowers that exhibit certain characteristics that are deemed undesirable (i.e. Tobacco, Alcohol and Weapons). Throughout the investment process, PDP utilizes a three-pronged approach when evaluating ESG issues, which includes a Macro view (i.e. climate change); Micro view (i.e. ESG exposure and its effect on financial performance); and Sector view (i.e. regulatory changes).

Private Debt Partners is a member of Principles for Responsible Investing (“PRI”).


PDP is committed to upholding strong Corporate Governance principles and aims to continue to strengthen the Board of Directors and management accountability to maintain trust in the Company, in order to promote long-term shareholder interest and value.

PDP’s approach to Corporate Governance is based on sound principles, which include an independent, and diverse Board of Directors, a transparent and accountable culture, effective controls and risk management practices, and a commitment to protecting long-term shareholder value.

PDP believes the Board of Directors should be comprised of a majority of independent members, encourage the inclusion of women and ensure a diverse set of backgrounds aimed at enhancing shareholder value. Furthermore, Executive Compensation should be based on clear principles that are transparent, competitive, and aligned with the long-term financial objectives of the Company.

PDP is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance, which are consistent with regulatory bodies and continuously updated for best practices.