Private Debt Partners (PDP) is a private debt firm solely focused on Canadian mid-market opportunities. PDP originates and structures senior first lien term loans to high-quality companies with strong market positions, management teams, and financial performance.

PDP’s management team is led by Richard Kanemy, Jean-Christophe Greck, Greg Dimmer and Jeffrey Deacon who bring a combined experience of 70 years in fundraising, loan origination, portfolio management, and underwriting in Canada, and have directly originated over $1 billion in loans.

The Firm’s leading investors include Stephen Lister (Chairman of the Board), Co-Founder of Imperial Capital, one of Canada’s most successful private equity buy-out firms, and Thomas MacMillan (Investment Committee Chair), former Chairman and CEO of CIBC Mellon.


PDP’s mission is delivering superior risk-adjusted returns and enhanced portfolio diversification to our investors and offering a patient capital lending approach to well-managed Canadian businesses.


  • Commitment to integrity, transparency, and accountability
  • Full alignment with investors
  • Collaborative relationships with borrowers
  • Operational excellence


PDP believes that Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) factors can have a significant impact on the long-term performance of an investment portfolio, resulting in better managed risks and improved returns.

As a signatory of the United Nations Principals for Responsible Investing (“UNPRI”), PDP consistently incorporates the evaluation of ESG risks into its credit underwriting and review process. ESG analysis is a key component of PDP’s due diligence framework. PDP has implemented a comprehensive rating methodology to assess borrower ESG performance, strategies, and risks.

PDP seeks to partner with corporations whose goals are aligned with the betterment of their stakeholders and community. Empirical evidence demonstrates that borrowers who prioritize ESG are better positioned to create long-term sustainable value.

PDP believes that emphasizing ESG in the lending process is a pivotal step in reshaping our economy to promote companies with thoughtful and comprehensive ESG policies. With its focus on ESG, PDP contributes to positive outcomes for businesses, community, and the environment.


PDP is committed to upholding the highest principles of corporate governance to promote long-term shareholder interest and value. PDP continuously improves its policies and updates for evolving best practices.

The pillars of the PDP’s corporate governance approach are an independent and diverse Board of Directors, a commitment to protecting long-term shareholder value, a commitment to fostering borrower relationships, effective controls and risk management practices, and a culture of transparency and accountability throughout all levels of the Firm.

In line with our corporate governance values, PDP’s Board of Directors comprises a diverse set of backgrounds and the majority of the Board consists of independent Directors. Our executive compensation is based on clear principles that are transparent, competitive, and are aligned with the long-term objectives of the Firm.